Step 6: Preparing a property for sale—The bells and whistles

Preparing your La Quinta Real estate

When selling your home, make sure the interior is spic and span!

By now, you’ve got some serious momentum going in regards to preparing your home for sale. Whether you’re looking to sell La Quinta real estate property or a home in another area of the region, now is a great time to get the house looking its very best, since many visitors and international tourists in the market for a vacation home are visiting during this time of year.

Many of the details that you consider minor actually make a big difference to buyers who are seeing a property for the first time. Even if they’ve looked at other Indio real estate properties or homes in other areas of Palm Springs, when they come across a home that appears to be in mint condition and well-kept, the overall effect can quickly cause a sale to turn in your favor.

Do a scan of the house and then make it sparkle from top to bottom. When you have an open house coming up, wash the windows, both inside and outside, vacuum thoroughly and mop or wax the floors until they shine. Assess the sinks, tubs and showers to see if they need re-caulking and bleach any grout that is dingy. Dust all the furniture and areas where dirt accumulates, such as ceiling fan blades, light fixtures and chandeliers.

Remember, if you’re trying to sell a La Quinta real estate property or something similar, the buyers are going to expect the premises to be pristine and high-end. If there are worn bedspreads or duvets on the beds, replace them now. Buy brand new towels for the bathroom, only to be put out when you know there are some prospects coming to look at the house. If you’ve considered replacing a worn bedspread, do so now! Also, replace any burned-out light bulbs or worn-out rugs.

Last but not least, make sure the exterior of the house is spic and span. Hose the garage, driveways and sidewalks down, or rent a pressure washer to get the job done. Clean out any cobwebs in the garage or patio and sweep or rake any dead leaves. Polish any chrome faucets throughout, wipe down all the mirrors and air out any areas that are musty or have odors. It’s even recommended to clean out your refrigerator.

Whether your goal is to sell an Indio real estate property or any other area in Palm Springs Valley, know that if it takes some work to prepare your property, the payoff will be worth it.

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