Coachella Valley Real Estate By Kimberley, SFR, HAFA, GREEN
Residential, Equestrian, Land
I Do Real Estate The Same Way I Played Polo – To Win!
Coachella Valley Properties By Kimberley, SFR, HAFA, GREEN
Residential, Equestrian, Land
I Do Real Estate The Same Way I Played Polo – To Win!


Flood Insurance in the Coachella Valley; should you get it???

Flood Insurance in the Coachella Valley??

Flood Insurance in the Coachella Valley; should you get it??? Here’s the thing.  I’m a maintenance person.  I believe that if I do what I can BEFORE I need it, I will be in a better position WHEN I need it.  So, with all the changes happening so quickly in regards to our climate..literally, everywhere in the world, it seems a good idea to look into flood insurance.  Living in the Coachella Valley, which is a California desert, this might have seemed a moot point years ago…but now??  Probably a good idea.  If you are looking to buy or sell a Coachella Valley property, whether it’s residential, land, equestrian facility, or development opportunity, give me a call at 760-285-3578.

I chose to have flood insurance, and I live in La Quinta here in the Coachella Valley.  Got it just a couple years ago and so far, even after Hurricane Hilary, I haven’t had to use it.  BUT, as we all know about Insurance, when you need it, it’s a good thing to have.  Then there’s the fact that some insurance companies are no longer willing to write policies in disaster prone areas..this is the problem with Florida right now, and some of our fire prone areas here in the state.  I figure that if I get it now, have a history of it, and take good precautions myself on the property, odds are good I’ll have it there when I really need it.  Yearly estimates are based on the location, square footage of the house, garage spaces, single or two stories..lots of stuff.  Normal yearly fees for the Coachella Valley are approx. $400-$700 depending on how much insurance you want to carry and your deductible.  Not bad since water can do a job on ANYTHING!

Just something to think about if you are currently living here in the desert valley, or thinking of purchasing a home, horse property, or even vacant land.  I guess there really is something to be said for the expression “you can never be over insured!”  Take a tour of this 5 acre property in Sky Valley.  Offered at $1,199,000…



Entry Level Homes are SELLING in the Desert.

In Escrow in Indio, CA. 2 bed/2ba, $209,000

Entry Level homes are selling in the Desert.  The COVID19 Virus is alive and well…unfortunately.  But homes are still moving here in the Coachella Valley.  All 9 of our Valley cities are moving.  Inventory is pretty low, and it is normally lower anyway as we head into the heat, but even more so now as sellers pull their properties off the market.  Many sellers are making the decision that until we can show homes easier, and things have settled down in the Economy, they are waiting it out.  Call Kim Kelly, long time local Realtor selling Entry, mid level, and luxury residences from West Valley to East Valley.  760-285-3578. 

Entry level in the Coachella Valley cities varies from City to City, but basically $350,000 and under is still considered entry level.  First time home buyers can often qualify for an FHA Loan which only requires 3% down.  Conventional loan rates for primary residences are fantastic right now.  15 and 30 year mortgages are available for 3 – 3.7% Interest rates.

Pool Home in Vista Santa Rosa just SOLD!

This cute, clean, 3 bed/2 bathroom home built in 2005, located just West of Indio just closed at $344,000.  Approx. 2100 sf, and featuring a SOUTH facing Pebbletec Pool and Spa, this one went into escrow within a week of hitting the market.  The appraisal came in a bit lower than List price ($350,000), and the buyers and sellers negotiated the difference.  That is what’s selling that have sane sellers.  The Virus is telling all the Sellers that if they are really interested in moving their properties, buyers are just HAVE to negotiate. The market is softer than it was, so reflect it!  Take the tour on this gorgeous home at Los Lagos in Indian Wells.  A unique community of only 85 homes, all oriented around beautiful walkways and waterfalls..this one is listed furnished at $549,000.


Commission; what Clients think vs. Reaity

Realtors & commissions

Realtors can work from any place, any time..even on vacation!

Commission; what Clients think vs. Reality:  “What do you do with all that money?”  “Wow, Realtors have it so Easy!”  “Why should you get a commission when that’s all you do??”  It never stops, so I’m going to break down the Commission split and pay out to help buyers and sellers understand exactly where money goes when a Real Estate agent collects a commission check..


Why did the buyers use a Redfin Agent?

Local Agents know which developments have lakes, fairways, price/sf., builder..and on and on.

Why did the buyers use a Redfin Agent?  They wanted to see one of my listings.  The Agent called and made the appointment.  I got there early of course and staged the home to present it for my sellers at it’s BEST.  The Agent walks in, introduces me to her clients, says, “You can take it from here.”, and hands me her card..Oh no!  Why did they bring A Redfin Agent ? Red flags all over the place for me..please, buyers, use a local Agent...


Feng Shui: What IS it??

Doesn’t this just FEEL good..inviting?

Feng Shui;  What IS it???  Basically, it’s that flow, that ease of motion that you feel the moment you enter a space.  I had a client that told me from the get go, that he wouldn’t waste my time looking at homes he didn’t like.  And he meant it!  He would let me open the front door, lean inside, and we would be “in”, or we would “Forget it Kim!”.  He was sensitive to Feng Shui, which literally means “wind” and “water” in Chinese-the basic elements of the Earth.


Going GREEN in your Flooring Choice

The Living Desert in South Palm Desert-Green education starts here!

Green is the new, well not so new, buzzword when it comes to buying or remodeling your home.  Here in the desert cities, we have a shortage of standing inventory in many sectors.  That situation has spurred homeowners to hit the Remodeling Track with gusto.  The environment is becoming more and more important to most home buyers, and Locals are extremely aware of our fragile desert ecosystem, creating a huge new understanding of Green, and how important it is.    How lucky we are to have educational venues such as South Palm Deserts’ spectacularly popular, Living Desert, where you can experience first hand that delicate balance.  When it comes to flooring in your new home, there are a variety of Green choices.  For local desert property information, give Kim Kelly a call at 760-285-3578.


The Coachella Valley — A Desert Dream Fulfilled

Enjoy life in one of our desert cities, golf, sun, polo, hiking…

In 1921, Walter Morgan, a wealthy San Franciscan aristocrat, purchased 1,400 acres in the Coachella Valley, to create a secluded retreat where guests could “take in the sun” and be pampered in seclusion. Not much has changed since then. For instance, the Valley boasts almost 125 golf courses and the La Quinta Resort and Spa retains the charm of the Deserts’ Spanish-style, featuring a 23,000-square-foot spa, all awash in the fragrances of citrus trees and over 700,000 flowers. Kim Kelly, professional Realtor for over 18 years, is qualified to tell you about the luxury destinations of the Valley. Kim can be reached at (760) 285-3578.


51600 Jackson St., Indio, CA. $1,649,000

5 Acre Equestrian Estate just 1.7 miles from Coachella Music Festival grounds

51600 Jackson St., Indio, CA., $1,649,000  I rarely get a Listing that is as timely as this piece of desert Land.  Season has not hit yet, and the Coachella Valley Equestrians haven’t arrived in the Valley yet.  What a beautiful piece of the Desert!  Desert Land parcels that are as small as this one, at approx. 5 Acres are hard to find. What sets it apart, is that there are TWO homes on it!  One is a custom home built in 2008, and the other is an income producing Guest home.  The LOCATION is what really makes this property a standout..approx. 1.5 miles from the Coachella Valley Music Festival!  Why is that so important?  Read on, then give me a call at 760-285-3578 for your personal viewing.


Land & Farms For Sale

Land & Equestrian Farms for Sale

Land & Equestrian Farms for Sale

Land & Farms in our East Valley are getting tons of attention as we roll into the 2017 season.  Our International Equestrian venues are firmly entrenched in our Eastern Coachella Valley, but now there’s more.  The Thermal Club on Avenue 62 in Thermal is a Car Owners dream.  The Club broke ground in 2008, but it wasn’t until 2015, and 2016 especially, that car aficionados really took notice.  Open to the Public with “Learn to Drive” packages and events, but also developing into a destination Event site with it’s Track side Villas, lifestyle living venues, and competitions.  What else is driving the sale of Land in the Coachella Valley?  Wonder what your Land or Equestrian property might be worth?  Give me a call for your FREE consultation at 760-285-3578.