As a guest at Two Bunch, you’ll want to eat healthily. . . that’s what their guests typically desire. And for most of us, eating is an adventure and an important part of any vacation.  Two Bunch’s newly renovated restaurant, Essense, offers fresh organic dishes in a comfortable natural wood and stone environment.  Sharing plates is encouraged and all part of the dining experience.  And as for accommodations, the Resort offers 70 newly renovated rooms and suites scattered around the 77 acre property.  Some of the rooms are conveniently situated close to the soaking grotto and restaurant/spa area and others provide a more private setting.  All rooms are outfitted with energy efficient sustainable elements and fixtures . . . and the organic linens complete the ambiance.


Two Bunch Palms resort is waiting for you to discover it!  They offer Special Packages, so let yourself be enticed into a little trip to where you don’t know what time it is, and you don’t really care . . . AND it’s located conveniently right down the road from your Palm Springs Valley home.  You’re worth it, and I assure you, you’ll be back again . . . the waters are addicting!