Coachella Valley Real Estate By Kimberley, SFR, HAFA, GREEN
Residential, Equestrian, Land
I Do Real Estate The Same Way I Played Polo – To Win!
Coachella Valley Properties By Kimberley, SFR, HAFA, GREEN
Residential, Equestrian, Land
I Do Real Estate The Same Way I Played Polo – To Win!

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SOLD! Coachella Valley farm

Coachella farm sold

SOLD! Beautiful Citrus Farm in Thermal, California.

SOLD!  Coachella Valley farm.  Another Coachella Valley Farm sold!  I represented the Buyer on the purchase of this gorgeous Citrus farm in Thermal, CA.  What fun!  My client had decided to build a family estate that would be his dream desert retreat, and also a place to have family gatherings during the Coachella Music Festival.  But first, we had to locate the perfect location.  If you are looking to buy or sell in any of the desert cities in the Coachella Valley, call local resident Realtor, Kim Kelly at 760-285-3578.

Homes in our Coachella Valley are finding their footing after the impact of the Corona Virus.  Many Sellers have decided to pull their homes off the market and wait to see how the season looks.  I’ve had multiple buyers pull back and decide to wait..never sure how things will go, so not sure that’s a good idea.  I believe it’s best to base your purchase on what you REALLY want.  If it’s not exactly what you’ve been waiting for in terms of location and Sun and views, wait.  The homes listed that DO offer those key things, sell very all price points.

Coachella Valley Farm Land on the other hand is still moving.  My guess there is that there isn’t that much of it left, and the price/acre has not accelerated through the roof as it did in 2005-2006.  Price/acre is fairly consistent based on location, nearness to amenities, and projected use by the buyer.  My client for this farm wanted to be in ONE area for his Coachella Valley Farm, so inventory is extremely limited.  The seller was in a position to sell, and so timing was perfect.  Take my little walk tour of this gorgeous 37 acre farm in Thermal.  It’s a 5 minute drive to the Coachella Music Festival grounds, so a key location in our incredible Coachella Valley!



Coachella Valley Land & Farm Recent Activity

Modern Equestrian Estate for Sale in Thermal.

Coachella Valley Land & Farm Recent Activity:  Anything going on in the desert?  Anybody still buying?  Alot and Yes!!  The Virus has definitely slowed us down as it has everybody.  Less calls, less showings, and less numbers of buyers looking, and Sellers selling.  Still..Farms, Equestrian properties, vacant land AND residential sales are continuing.

As every Equestrian and farm owner here in the Coachella Valley already knows, the HITS Thermal showgrounds was sold last year and is now called Desert Horse Park.  The changing of the guards in the Equestrian show jumping is just one sign of the continuing growth in the Eastern Coachella Valley.  Land is still fairly inexpensive compared to anywhere else in Southern California.

Three farms are in escrow over the past few months.  We are having to re-negotiate land contracts sometimes due to the virus and it’s affects on the world.  We are changing contracts from Cash to Seller Carry, and also extending sellers are being flexible, but smart buyers can also see opportunity.

  1.  10 acre Equestrian farm with a 1992 custom pool home in Thermal.  In escrow to seasonal Equestrian people.
  2.   37 acre Orchard in escrow to an L.A. family who will be building a custom family estate amongst the groves.
  3.   10 Acres of farm land in Thermal.  Thenew buyer has future development plans.

Two large vacant land parcels on Avenue 50 have recently closed.  Both had Tract maps on them and will probably be developed in the future.  Check out this beautiful 77 acre farm on the border of La Quinta and Indio. 



Vacation Rentals for Horses???

The Coachella Valley offers many equestrian options for Equestrians!

Vacation Rentals for Horses???  The Luxury Lease real estate business is HUGE here in the Coachella Valley.  The Equestrian business is HUGE here in the Coachella Valley.  Why not merge the two??  Well, some great entrepreneurs have captured the idea and are moving into the market.  Much of our equestrian business is seasonal; horse owners haul their horses into the Valley, compete, and haul them out again.  That means road trips for the horses!  Looking for horse property help, give me a call at 760-285-3578.


Equestrian or Coachella Music Festival Lease Property

Dine inside or out; 10 Acre farm/luxury lease property for sale in Coachella

Equestrian or Coachella Music Festival Lease Property:  Not on market yet!  Not quite ready to list, but YOU can get in and view this incredible Equestrian Estate in Coachella, California.  Located in the “Target Area” for Luxury Leasing properties for the world famous Music Festival, with the double appeal of one of the ONLY Luxury Equestrian properties available.  Jackson St. is unquestionably one of the most desirable areas for either of these uses.  Lined with Equestrian Properties, yet a short drive to the world famous Polo Grounds, and approx. 15 minutes to the HITS show grounds.  


Top Rated Luxury Lease Spots in the Desert

PGA West Custom Homes are one favorite Luxury Lease spot in the desert

Top Rated Luxury Lease spots in the Desert:  Now that the Festival season is winding down, it’s time to take a breath, and do a round up of our Top Rated Luxury Lease Spots in the Desert.  Everybody has their favorite desert city, and within that City is their favorite place to spend the weekend.  Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage are sought out by people that love the look of Modern Architecture and feel.  Other visitors wouldn’t stay anywhere but the more open La Quinta area, while other visitors prefer the central City of Indian Wells.  There are many Luxury Lease opportunities in our beautiful desert.  To buy or sell your desert resort home, give local Realtor, Kim Kelly a call at 760-285-3578.


Vista Santa Rosa; Eastern Coachella Valley

Vista Santa Rosa offers Land & Equestrian Properties for sale, and PEACE for free!

Vista Santa Rosa; Eastern Coachella Valley.  When people come to our beautiful Coachella Valley, most of them know the Desert cities named Palm Springs, La Quinta, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, Cat City, Indio, and some even know about Thermal and Coachella in our East Valley.  Vista Santa Rosa, an unincorporated area of approx. 20 sq. miles in size, is a special part of our Eastern Coachella Valley, and it is a rare occurrence that visitors know anything at all about the unincorporated Policy Area called Vista Santa Rosa.  

The VSR (Vista Santa Rosa), community was recognized by the County Board of Supervisors in 2001. Community boundaries extend from Avenue 50 on the North, Monroe on the West, Harrison St. on the East, and Avenue 66 on the South.  VSR is adjacent to the Cities of Thermal, Coachella, Indio and La Quinta.  It is also connected via trails to Lake Cahuilla, and Torres-Martinez Tribal Lands.  The area is an important producer of Date crops, and Rural Residential ad uses are prevalent, with an emphasis on Equestrian Lifestyles.  (Courtesy of Co. of Riverside General Plan)

Within the Vista Santa Rosa Policy Area, the minimum Lot size in the Agricultural designation is 5 acres with 2 dwelling units/Acre, and 5 horses/acre.  The Community Development Overlay area allows for conversion of farm land to other uses, with an overal density range within this overlay area of 1-3 dwelling units/acre.  It is an incredibly beautiful part of our Coachella Valley, which will remain largely Equestrian and Ag, with thoughtfully approved areas of larger density developments.  It is also attracting buyers!  Here are examples of some of the land/Equestrian Listings available today:

  • Organic Date Farm grounds:  Approx. $800,000 for 20 Acres to approx. $23 million for 1,483 Acres
  • Vista Santa Rosa Land Parcels:  Range from approx. $32,000/acre for raw land to approx. $110,000/acre for farm land nearer to La Quinta.
  • Equestrian Homes:  Hard to find!  Take the tour of 51600 Jackson St. below.  $1,649,000 this 5 acre farm has a custom home and guest quarters.  Fixers can be found for approx. $500,000 on an acre of land to a custom estate on 20 Acres, listed at $5,9 million!




51600 Jackson St., Indio, CA. $1,649,000

5 Acre Equestrian Estate just 1.7 miles from Coachella Music Festival grounds

51600 Jackson St., Indio, CA., $1,649,000  I rarely get a Listing that is as timely as this piece of desert Land.  Season has not hit yet, and the Coachella Valley Equestrians haven’t arrived in the Valley yet.  What a beautiful piece of the Desert!  Desert Land parcels that are as small as this one, at approx. 5 Acres are hard to find. What sets it apart, is that there are TWO homes on it!  One is a custom home built in 2008, and the other is an income producing Guest home.  The LOCATION is what really makes this property a standout..approx. 1.5 miles from the Coachella Valley Music Festival!  Why is that so important?  Read on, then give me a call at 760-285-3578 for your personal viewing.


Just Listed: 51600 Jackson St., Coachella, California

5 Acre Equestrian Estate just 1.7 miles from Coachella Music Festival grounds

Just Listed:  51600 Jackson St., Coachella, California.  A rare, unique opportunity has come available in Coachella, California for just $1,649,000.  This privately gated, completely fenced Estate is located at the end of a cul-d-sac, shared with just two other property owners.  Beautiful, custom gates, sweep open to a Palm tree lined entry drive, with views over green paddocks, to the custom home sitting on an elevated site, with startling Mountain views.  Such a beautiful property, and if you are thinking about owning a venue with potential Corporate Lease possibilities, this farm could be it!  Call me for your private tour today.  760-285-3578.


Desert DEALS..Coming Soon!


4.7 Acres, fenced, paddocks and TWO houses!!

Desert DEALS..Coming Soon!  I’ve got some really great properties coming For Sale in the next two weeks.  Looking for the very RARE opportunity to own a small Horse Farm with TWO lovely homes on it??  I’ve got it!  Looking for a Fixer in a reasonably priced Country Club, with very low HOA?  Check and Check!  Properties are in demand for 2018, and inventory is low in ALL price points here in the Coachella Valley.  If you’re looking for a spectacular opportunity, give me a call at 760-285-3578.


Indio 5 Acre Farm Just Listed!

Custom home on 5 acres in Indio, California

Indio 5 Acre Farm just listed!  This is such a unique property, with tons of possibilities.  Currently a private Equestrian Estate, the entire 5 acres is fenced and gated.  Located at 79784 Avenue 40, Indio, this is a property that so many people are looking for.  Small enough to manage easily, yet enough space to create your dream!  Just north of Interstate 10, yet not close enough to her the traffic..easy access to Palm Springs, the HITS horse show, and the International Polo fields (Coachella Music Festival grounds.)  Call me for your tour today..760-285-3578.